Folk Alliance '09

It was a great week in Memphis, the best one in a long time. Totally unexpected, really. Everyone thought attendance would be way off (it wasn't) and that therefore it might be a dead conference (no way). I worked very hard, hardly got off the 18th floor except to shop for more beer or to steal a breakfast a couple of days. My family came to rescue me on Saturday night for a home-cooked dinner which was just what I needed to complete the long marathon that Saturday night going well into Sunday morning became. Much appreciated, thanks John and Deseree! I finally lay down to rest at 6:30 am before heading home, caravaning back to Nashville with JMB. Some highlights: Ronda received the Spirit of Folk award jointly with Dalis Allen and Val Denning! Finally getting Memphis resident Cousin Jenny up to the hotel and watching John Sebastian with her. Getting to hang with the hotties a bit, and enjoy seeing Jeanne Jolly with them. I was so pleased to see Scottie for a special engagement on the drums. Scottie has bowed out of the Stonehoney extended southern tour due to his commitment to be with his toddler daughter in L.A. I admire him for it. Chatting with Victoria Williams about how great Laurie McClain is. Seeing John Fullbright from Okemah, OK (yep, you're right, former home of Woody Guthrie). Do yourself a favor and read his blog entries on his myspace page. He was a first time attendee and his impressions mirror what most think of it the first time they come. Of course, few are the 'buzz' as he was but I don't think that changes a first impression. Much. Seeing artists who contributed Help Me Ronda photos for her 'wall' enjoy seeing themselves and others giving a shout out to Ronda. Meeting Lucy Wainwright Roche, a former teacher, and hearing her at the beginning of a new music career. Seeing Sean McManus from the Dust Poets attending the conference for the purpose of accompanying and promote other Canadian artists. Meeting Tannis Slimmon and hearing her amazing vocals. Eating a huge breakfast at the Blue Plate with my friend Joan! That is an annual treat not to be missed. And enjoying the Second Annual Wild Women Indian Feast with Ronda B, Joan K, Mary Granata and new friend Holly at India Palace, a new rec--food great but I found the atmosphere is a bit reserved for our buoyant group! Photo courtesy of Joan Kornblith.


Sean said...

That looks like quite the breakfast. I can't believe we didn't get to hang out and party but I was so glad to run into you, it was just too busy a weekend. Hope to see you again soon.

Mony said...

Me, too!
I checked out your tour dates today and see you are in the South, USA for a while coming up. I hope it's a good tour.
Hello to all the other Dusty Ones.

M said...

Maybe I'll be at FA next year. . . Sounds like you had a great time.