Luckenbach, Texas dance hall

After a week working very hard running the box office of Old Settlers Music Festival I took a day to head over to tour the the LBJ ranch, some hill country wineries and Luckenbach. Great fun. Luckenbach mainly consists of a quaint tourist trap 'general store' complete with a U.S. Post Office and a cool ice house bar in the back -- everything you need, really. Out behind that is an open-air stage and a hat maker's studio. The small community consists of a few residences and a public campground beside a river bank. Completing the tiny hamlet is a real life dance hall. The Luckenbach Dance Hall is one of the most quaint of a dwindling but very viable breed of Texas dance halls that have been around for over a century and a half. I haven't been lucky enough to see this one in action but that's got to change.

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M said...

Sounds like a fun day. How was the fest? Are you going to post photos from your trip? Looking forward to hearing about it/seeing them!